We are the creatives, the ideapreneurs, infopreneurs and the solopreneurs. We don't know failure, only success or LEARNING.

Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Writepreneurs, Createntrepreneurs, Infopreneurs. Whateva-preneurs.

Claim it, don’t shame it is what I say.

By 2014 there were a lot of “-preneur” labels being rolled around. In January that year there was even a short-lived Createpreneur Ezine which vanished the next month. In the same year, Dr Richard Harmer comes up trumps on a Google search for “Ideapreneur” with the following definition, much quoted through many other websites –

“I am not an entrepreneur in the more traditional sense of the term – defined as a “person who organises and operates a business or business, taking on greater than normal risks in order to do so.” Unlike an entrepreneur, an ideapreneur will not take another’s idea and replicate or refine it.” Jun 4, 2014 Via.

That definition of an ideapreneur stuck. Someone calling themselves one will believe that they must only deal with new world-breaking ideas.

They are doing themselves and others a disservice.

Entrepreneurs have in the recent past been affected by this syndrome also. Many who call themselves this are met with skeptism. The many idea (read: business) failures and movements onto a new shiny idea are recounted against them. The infopreneurs who inundate the web with Yet-Another-$79 mastercourse have added to the reputation highlighted in the movie Social Network where Napster founder Sean Parker tries to explain himself to Stamford co-ed Amy Ritter:

I’m an entrepreneur.

You’re unemployed.

I wouldn’t say that.

What would you say?

That I’m an entrepreneur.

What was your latest preneur?

The term ‘preneur’ comes from old English  for ‘taker’. Entre, as we know means ‘starter’ so an entrepreneur – the origin for all of this – literally means starter taker. But this has been applied out, based on the amount of people who have taken up the calling and failed, as being risky. In other words, an entrepreneur is somebody who starts a (if you believe it) risky new business.

Taking this line of definition, an infopreneur is an information (risk)taker. An ideapreneur is an idea (risk)taker. A solopreneur (the label sometimes used by the web side-biz owners) is a solo (risk)taker.

But we’ve come along a journey since, not only of four years, but of understanding what makes a business whether off or online.

Looking at the overwhelming speed of change in our world nowadays, we realise that opening any new business is a risk, based either on new ideas or tried and true ideas which have previously worked. The internet – even this website – is full of disclaimers towards reading any information and foolishly believing that that information will provide some kind of repeatable formula to wealth and success. Even sitting in one of those tried and true careers is risky because it may not exist in a year’s time. Yet 20% of our new jobs are being created by entrepreneurs, people willing to try out and refine those new ideas.

Life is risky. It always has been. It’s called evolution. We know that. We know that the big risk takers of our history are how we have now learned what berries are edible, how to cook food without killing ourselves, and how to survive and evolve.

But the first caveman who had a big idea and ate the wrong berry or mushroom? We don’t know about him. The one that watched and tried out a different berry – an altered idea – and survived? He’s who we shall really know as the entrepreneur or ideapreneur. And the next one who watched both and passed on the information to her tribe? She’s our ancestral infopreneur.

“Entrepreneurs are innovators, who wake up each day trying to ‘put a dent in the universe.'”…”Most important, we must recognize that “entrepreneurship” isn’t just a job title. It’s a mindset, a worldview, a way of life.”  Via.

Doesn’t that sound like a creative too?

As creatives we know that there’s no such thing as a new idea.

Our novels can – depending on who you are informed by – be brought down into from 3-10 universal story lines which have been recounted repeatedly as far back as recorded history. Our buildings (or shelter) can only be designed in a number of forms which fit with scientific and architectural laws and our needs. Our artworks only fit with so many themes, into so many forms and use only so much media.

But we keep breaking the mould, designing new forms, twigging the old forms. Because that’s how new risks are taken, new ideas formed from the base of our old ones. These new ideas came from melding together other ideas, looking at our latest needs, learning the rules, then breaking them in small steps. Taking risks, yes. But on older ideas made new in some way.

Successful ideapreneurs are not people who suddenly pull a stunning never-before-seen idea out of the ozone.  Successful ideapreneurs are creatives who take something old and change it, making it new and different again.

A Createpreneur Manifesto (WIP)

We are the creatives, the ideapreneurs, infopreneurs and the solopreneurs.

We don’t know failure, only success or LEARNING. We don’t know size, only small ideas that grow. We don’t know apathy and distraction, only PASSION, FOCUS and determination. We don’t know following, only leading by ACTION, CREATIVITY and WORD. We don’t know mediocrity, only living life to it’s fullest, good and bad and leaving something as a LEGACY. We don’t know black and white, only the rainbow and unseen colours in between the lines. We don’t know me-gen, unfairness and inequality, only POSITIVE IMPACT, change for the better and philanthropy. We don’t know the end, only embracing the JOURNEY.

We do know fear, but DO IT all anyway. We do know wanting to belong and be safe, but step into the squarespace and accept the CHALLENGE anyway. We do know apathy and distractions but we use the tools to FIGHT off these anyway. We do know doubt and feeling small but we play BIG anyway.